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Engineerisk is a consulting office specialized in hazard study connected to snow & avalanches

Philippe Berthet-Rambaud & Fanny Bourjaillat skills allow to Engineerisk to offer studies from the phenomenon analysis…:
-    Hazard characterization thanks to snow datas statistics, historical analysis, on site observations…

-    Risk zoning & mapping

…to the definition of adapted mitigation measures:

-    Proposal & design of passive or active protections: supporting structures, nets, dams, snowsheds, snow fences, preventive release…
-    Artificial release network & avalanche control plan definition

-    Pressure & load evaluation for buildings, ski towers…

In order to best meet the expectations of our customers, Engineerisk uses avalanche modeling softwares ‘’Aval 1D’’ & ‘’RAMMS’’ developed by the SLF Davos (Switzerland).

Our main intervention fields are ski resorts, transport & energy infrastructures, inhabited zones, open-pit mines in France and abroad.



  • 2013-11 GLISMO project


    In partnership with the Compagnie du Mont -Blanc, Engineerisk launches the GLISMO project: GLIding Snow MOnitoring.


    The principle is to improve knowledge about the snow gliding phenomenon (have a look at the news 2013-04 in Brévent) and its consequences by coordinating a network of observers and installing some monitoring during the next winter.


    The two main objectives are:


    - To better understand the occurrence and evolution of these creeping slabs until their eventual release


    - To optimize the design of protective measures such as tree trunk installed to improved the ground rugosity



  • 2013-04 RESCUECELL

    Engineerisk is part of a European consortium to develop a new system of research  victims under avalanche & collapsed buildings. The participating countries are Spain, Greece, Hungary, Germany and France thus.

    Two meetings have already been held to express the different expectations , the last held in Chamonix by Engineerisk, in collaboration with the ''Cluster Montagne''. This meeting was organised with the participation of PGHM and Dominique Letang, President of the avalanche commission Cisa Ikar.


  • 2012-11 Chamonix : Brévent snowcreeping

    The 2011-2012 winter season was significantly affected by the phenomenon of snowcreeping. It consists in the progressive gliding of the snowpack, throughout its thickness, on the ground. It can take off at any time and lead to a wet/heavy snow avalanche. The moved snow can be substantial and especially destructive as it was the case at St François Longchamp (FRANCE) with the famous chairlift damages. However it was not a single case.


  • 2012-09 Kazakhstan - In the celestial mountains

    Invited by the Canadian well known masterplanning specialist Ecosign, Enginerisk has recently participated to the preliminary phasis of the Kok Zhailau resort project within an international consortium. Located directly south to Almaty in the Tien Shan Mountains, the available territory covers almost 400 square kilometers to the Kirghisistan border, included high glacier valley and over 4000m summits.


  • 2012-01 Russia's first "active avalanche control plan" designed for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi

    Engineerisk is currently overseeing the implementation of an "active avalanche control plan" for the Rosa Khutor ski resort where the alpine skiing events will be held during the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi.


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